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New York & Long Island HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Bus HVAC Repairs on Long Island, NYUS Fleet Services is a factory licensed installer for all major Air Conditioner brands. We also have the equipment, personnel, and knowledge to get your system up and running again.

With so many brands, and so many different manufacturers we know how difficult it can be to get your heat or AC running properly. Passenger comfort is one of the most critical items in your vehicle, and when it isn’t working everyone hears about it.

We have the tools and resources to diagnose, track down, and repair your vehicle and get the system back to peak operating performance.

We can also upgrade your older AC system from R-12 or R-22 to the current R-134a standard.

Is your current system just not cutting it?

We can custom install a new heat or AC system into your vehicle, with a wide range of options from electronically controlled climate control to simple on off systems we will get your vehicle as hot or cold as you need it.