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New York and Long Island Limo Repair Services

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We are limousine repair specialists. At US Fleet we are equipped to repair all domestic and imported limousines to their specifications. Our limo repair service offers work on: engines, transmissions, drive trains, interior and exterior body work, re-upholstery, bars, electronics, sound systems and so much more. At US Fleet your vehicle will be repaired by trained, experienced, licensed technicians whose goals are the quality and safety of their repairs. US Fleet works on, but is not limited to: Hummers, Navigators, Lincoln Town Cars, Cadillac Escalades, Chrysler 300s, and all General Motor and Ford Motor Company vehicles. We also have access to all foreign products.

Repairing a limousine is not something many local repair shops want to do. Even with our experience, you never know what you are putting your hands on. In many cases, you could be getting in over your head.

We Can Do It All!

Many limo builders have gone by the way side. Requesting assistance is like pulling teeth and finding a schematic for troubleshooting is virtually impossible. This puts the limousine repair in major jeopardy of getting done properly and within budget. If you are in need of a serious repair and there are no limo experts around the corner, we recommend you do as much research as possible on the limo repair before turning over the vehicle to just anyone.


Usually a shops worst nightmare, chasing down an electrical problem is the worst of the worst. Depending on the severity of the problem, an electrical limousine repair can occur just about anywhere. Keep a look out for chaffed wires against metal, poorly soldered wires in bundles, loose wires underneath the vehicle, mis-drilled screws through interior trim panels or any wire exposed to the outside elements. There are countless possibilities when running down a short.

TIP: Sometimes it’s a much quicker and painless option to isolate the problem and run a whole new circuit or wire.

Driveshaft and Suspension

A limousine repair of this magnitude should only be handled by a professional. Many shops will give you grief because they can’t lift the vehicle in the air. If you are experiencing a vibration or rattle, be sure your shop triple checks the alignment of the shaft itself and integrity of the supports holding the shaft. It is very common to find a bad u-joint or mid shift bearing. Depending on the mileage, we highly recommend you periodically replace old parts along the way. This will save you much heartache along the way. When in need of suspension repair, be sure the original suspension was rated for the vehicle to begin with. You may need to upgrade to a heavy duty set-up or coil over suspension. Not many shops are capable of pulling this off.

Body Work and Paint

It’s a tough task to ask another shop to completely repair a limo that they played no part in designing or building. Before spending big money to fix it, you must 110% identify the cause of problem. If you don’t address it, you are wasting your money. A paint problem could have several causes such as bad material, bad welds, not enough metal support, poor structure, water intrusion and/or a combination of all of the above. We’ve seen just about all of it.